It seems as though every single time I go over to my parent's house something interesting happens. Last night was a first for us though. As we were all sitting outside having some adult beverages and hanging out after our long workday, the dogs started barking and losing their minds.

So naturally, we all rushed over to see what was going on and discovered 6 or 7 little ducklings trying to find their way in life. Thankfully my dad and my brother-in-law and I ran around gathering all of them up and putting them in this kitty pool until we decided what to do with them.

Ashley Custard

With my families limited knowledge of ducklings, we had a hard time finding out what to do with them and went door to door around the neighborhood asking if anyone was missing these little guys and since we live too far away from the river it was very unlikely that they walked to our house from the Platte.

Ultimately, we made the call to the local Game & Fish department to see if they were able to help out. They came out this morning and picked them up so the story has a happy ending and they are in good hands now.

This video is just because I felt like you needed to see someone do a nice thing for ducklings since I didn't get my story on tape. But if you know someone in the Paradise Valley area who's missing about 6 ducklings feel free to call the game and fish.