Friday night, I was trying to get out of hangin' out with my buddy. He wanted to go see "Night Of The Living Dead" - an old cheesy movie about zombies - and I thought I had better things to do with my time.

Live music, fixing stuff around the house, nothing...these all sounded more entertaining than watching an old movie outdoors.

I am so glad I pulled up my big-boy pants and went.

We pulled into this old field back behind E&F Wrecker, and my first thought was "This is how Rob Zombie movies start...". The dude at the gate was cool as heck, but almost seemed a little shady. Once he got into his schpeel, you could tell that he just wanted us to have a good time. The price was $5 per carload, so I tipped him an extra $5, just because I want to see his company succeed. Casper needs more things like this.

I wish I gave him more, because we had one helluva great time.

The screen was an old semi-trailer that they projected the movie on. They fed the audio by radio waves, and all you had to do was put your car stereo on 90.9. There's was about 35-40 cars packed into the area, and everybody was enjoying themselves. Teenagers, families, and people just like us who wanted to take advantage of the beautiful evening.

Halfway through the movie, they paused it with a screen that said "Intermission: Stretch your legs and get to know your neighbors". Since I've never had a problem BSing with strangers, that's exactly what I did - which made the experience even cooler.

Seeing this old movie was even exciting, and really added to the evening. I can not wait until they do it again - regardless of what flick they show. I really hope you take advantage of these opportunities to visit a "Drive-In". This is one of the neatest things you'll do this summer, and the people who run this can use all of the support we can give them.

Basically, if you want Casper to have more events, you need to attend the ones we already have - and this is one of my new favorites!

Get more information on "Driveby Drive-In" here