Ghost hunting has long been a popular past time in Wyoming, but one inspiring man has taken it to the next level.

Wyoming Ghostbusters Inc. was originally founded in 2013 by William R. Truitt in his hometown of Douglas, Wyoming. William gave us the the complete rundown on what it is they do:

We specialize in investigating potentially haunted locations using up to date equipment and then after going through the evidence, we determine if a place may be actually haunted and need further investigation or if it may be something naturally occurring (even if that means we find out that they are faking the haunting).

We never charge for our services, but will later welcome donations to help us with purchasing new equipment and just basic costs for investigations, gas, food, etc.

We will investigate anywhere. Businesses, homes, cemeteries, abandoned buildings. We will never trespass and will always get permission first.

In private homes (or locations) we will never share the stuff we find unless we have permission as well. And if we're in a place that's abandoned or a public place after dark, we always let the local authorities know what's going on.

Right now, their staff includes William and his daughter Dixi, but he has stated that he will be taking applications for new team members soon.

Although officially started in 2013, their first investigation was at the Hotel LaBonte in Douglas back in 2012.

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