The National Weather Service in Riverton is reporting another winter storm for this fall, with snow expecting to begin tonight (October 18th, 2021).

The forecast states that there is 44% chance of four inches snow in our area, with a 60% chance of two inches of snow, between tonight and tomorrow evening.

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A "Winter Storm Watch" is in effect from Tuesday, October 19th, at 3:00 am MDT (Mountain Standard Time), until October 19th, 11:00 pm MDT.

Whether the snow will stick or not, remains to be seen, but expect an 80% chance of rain showers as well. Considering Wyoming is still under a drought, this moisture is definitely welcome.

The good news, by Wednesday (October 20th, 2021), temperatures are expected to be back in the mid 40°s to low 50°s.

In case you need a refresher course on "How to Drive in The Wyoming Snow", click here. There are some really great tips that even the best drivers need to know.

Also, click here for an awesome list of "Casper's Horrible Intersections During the Winter". These are definitely areas to avoid when the snow and ice are at their worst.

If you haven't had a chance yet, now is also the perfect time to make sure you have a survival kit set up in your vehicle. Wyoming's inclement weather can literally happen at any moment, so being prepared is paramount. If you haven't purchased yourself things like a snow brush/ice scrapper and a shovel, now is good time for that too.

It's time to pull out the winter coats, gloves and skull hats... Wyoming is ready for winter.

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