Earlier this summer, Sacha Baron Cohen dropped out of the long-gestating Freddie Mercury biopic due to disagreements with the remaining Queen band members over the content and tone of the film, but now it looks like his replacement may have been found. 'Captain America' star Dominic Cooper is rumored as the latest actor looking to step into Mercury's unitard.

Latino Review reports that, after a quickly dispelled rumor involving Daniel Radcliffe (huh?), Cooper is circling the leading-man role in the Freddie Mercury biopic. Hopefully he'll be more to Queen's liking than Cohen, who wanted to do a hard R version of the singer's life -- Mercury was involved in the typical sex and drugs lifestyle, and was diagnosed with and died of AIDS in 1991.

The surviving members of the group have final script and director approval, and they weren't happy with Cohen's decidedly more honest vision for the film -- a shame, since Cohen had the perfect look and charisma for the part.

But now Dominic Cooper, who played a young Howard Stark in 'Captain America,' is up for the role. Cooper has also appeared in 'Dead Man Down' and can be seen next alongside Aaron Paul in 'Need for Speed.' Playing Mercury would definitely be a huge get for Cooper and could show us a much more interesting side of the actor.

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