On a recent flight from Australia to South America a Qantas Airlines pilot proposed to his girlfriend over the planes intercom.  Which got me thinking, should proposals for matrimony be a private affair or is it OK to make it public on a grandiose scale?

We've all seen the proposals at the ball game, on the stadium Jumbo-tron, with the couple on display for the entire crowd.  But I'm curious how you feel about these public proposals?

The pilot proposed over the plane intercom and not face to face, but then left the cockpit in order to present the ring, where she said 'Yes'.  Romantic? Maybe? But maybe not?

Which brought up another question.  Should people propose matrimony while at work?  Is it OK for a person to interrupt their work flow in order to make a marriage proposal? Should a Doctor propose in the Operating Room?  A sports athlete proposes during a game?

Let us know and we'll let you know the results on Friday.