The sports world, such as, repeated the idea so non-stop, it's enough to believe, “Tony Romo to Denver!”

(That was last week. This was the rest of that post, before asking if Wyoming fans want Romo.)

Of course, it has not happened – yet. Do you think Bronco’s GM John Elway would make that trade? The Cowboys owner made it seem Romo is staying #1 QB when he's healthy, but no one believes Jerry Jones. Ooops! In fact now he’s already saying, “I have no idea.” (10-18)

After the last two Bronco losses, with quarterbacks who both looked like backups, these are just questions. A question for Romo is also about being backup, himself, if the talented rookie named Dak keeps crushing it for Dallas.

In short, is Tony the final answer to really replace “Sheriff” Manning? (As you can see by overwhelming poll results, Wyoming doesn't think so.)



Maybe 16.25 Percent 


Robo Who?  2.47 Percent