Although we are approaching the end of our cold season in Wyoming. (or I hope we are at least.) I found an interesting article stating that people can actually be allergic to cold weather.

Yeah, it's a real thing and it's called 'cold urticaria' and it can in some cases be quite harmful to those who are allergic to the cold weather.

I found this article on and they did a deep dive into this allergy asking questions like, what are the symptoms and how cold does it need to be for the symptoms to be triggered?

The simple answer to all of that is that people react differently to the cold when they have this allergy and some reactions can be mild while others can be way more severe from having blotchy skin and then some people actually need an epi-pen just in case. The symptoms can also be triggered by temps. as low as 39 degrees. (Or in our case as high as 39 degrees.)

The only good news is that it's not an overly common allergy. Health professionals claim that one in one-hundred thousand people are diagnosed with an allergy to the cold.

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