Given the incredible body of work that he compiled as part of Slayer, drummer Dave Lombardo is bound to get questions about the band, but the former Slayer stickman says he's not exactly happy with how his answers come across in the media.

Lombardo spoke with the Hanger 19 podcast host Cutter, and during the conversation the topic of having to answer questions about Slayer came up. "How sick am I? I'm pretty sick of it," laughed Lombardo. "Especially when it gets misconstrued in so many different ways. Yeah, it's pretty annoying, but you have to understand that they journalists, they're fans and they've listened to your music for years. And what other fans, and the public or the Internet, what they don't understand is that they're interested in these questions because they've followed the band. So you've gotta have some kind of understanding of why this is in the press."

But Lombardo says that he finds his comments are often taken out of context. He says, "Next thing you know, you look like a bad guy, like you're talking s--t, and, actually, no, I'm just answering the f---ing question in the most honest way. You can't win, so that's why I kind of shy away from those questions and focus on my new band."

And speaking of that new band, it's Philm. The group released their sophomore set, 'Fire From the Evening Sun,' back in September. Check out more of Lombardo's chat with Hangar 19 and podcast host Cutter at this location.

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