Though the Foo Fighters have yet to release 'Sonic Highways,' their eighth studio album, leader Dave Grohl is already looking ahead to album No. 9.

"Wait until you see what we're doing for the next record. That's some f--ked up s--t," he said in a new interview with Studio Brusel (video above). "I already know what we're doing for that, and it makes this ['Sonic Highways'] look like f--king kindergarten."

'Sonic Highways,' due out Nov. 10, is not only the new album from the Foos, but also the special eight-episode HBO series in which the band takes their show on the road, exploring the vast and intertwined roots of American music.

That's eight different studios in eight different cities, including his one time home of Seattle, where he and the band laid down tracks in the same studio that Nirvana made their final recordings. "I didn't want to make music any more after Nirvana," he recalled. "Then time went on and I thought wait a minute, music is the one thing that's going to help me start over, it's going to heal me, so that's what I have to keep doing. So I went back to that same studio, and recorded again, and my life started over again, so that becomes the theme of the episode, and that also becomes the theme of the song."

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