The '80s Washington D.C. hardcore punk scene is easily one of the most important underground movements in music. Game-changing bands such as Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Void and Henry Rollins' State of Alert (S.O.A.) all brought punk rock to a new intensity, and it will all be covered in the upcoming documentary 'Salad Days.'

Many of D.C.'s most influential hardcore musicians appear in the documentary, including Dave Grohl, who played drums for the Virginia-based Scream from 1986-1990 before becoming a modern legend with Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Scream released some of the D.C. scene's most important hardcore, so it only makes sense that Grohl is included in 'Salad Days.'

"I had heroes that I would get nervous around, you know?" Grohl says in the 'Salad Days' trailer. "I know that Ian [MacKaye, Minor Threat] is a normal dude or H.R. [Bad Brains] or whatever; they're are just normal dudes, but those f---ing people changed my life."

Punk and hardcore legends such as Ian MacKaye and Brian Baker (Minor Threat / Bad Religion) appear in the trailer, explaining the D.C. scene's roots. Further storytellers describe the chaos and violence that plagued Washington D.C. during the underground uprising.

Check out the 'Salad Days' trailer above and get ready for the film's release this December. For more info on 'Salad Days,' check out the film's Facebook page.

Extended 'Salad Days' Movie Trailer: