In the Seattle episode of Dave Grohl’s ‘Sonic Highways’ series, producer Barrett Jones unearthed a few of the singer-guitarist's early demos, which caused the Foo Fighters frontman to cover his face in embarrassment.

The first, ‘Hooker On the Street,’ was recorded by Grohl, his sister, Lisa, and Mike Nelson, under the moniker Allister Lobb in 1992.

Jones went on to play another unreleased song, which we now know is called ‘Watered It Down.’ Listeners recognized the song’s similarity to another Allister Lobb recording, ‘Unknown #2.’ The song also bears resemblance to ‘Arlandria,’ which appeared on the Foos’ 2011 album, ‘Wasting Light.’ Take a listen to it in the video above and let us know what you think about it in the comments section!

You Think You Know the Foo Fighters?