Get ready for some southern crunch, as Crowbar have just released a brand new song. 'Walk With Knowledge Wisely' is not only the first song to be revealed from Crowbar's upcoming full-length, 'Symmetry in Black,' but it's the album's opener as well.

If you're a Crowbar fan, or just have a place in your heart for southern sludge and doom, chances are you'll be very happy with 'Walk With Knowledge Wisely.' The track's slow pacing and heavy riffage is classic Crowbar, as frontman Kirk Windstein expresses in a statement. "'Walk With Knowledge Wisely' is the perfect opener for 'Symmetry In Black,'" Windstein begins. "It has every element of the Crowbar sound and is like an anvil to the face. It's Crowbar at its finest."

Windstein continues, “We’ve grown so close as a band since this became my biggest focus. I’m always open to side things here and there, like Kingdom of Sorrow, but nothing is going to stand in the way of what Crowbar does ever again. This is my musical focus.” Kirk Windstein left fellow southern act Down in 2013 to focus on Crowbar after committing 12 years of service to the band.

"The morale has never been higher since we were kids," Windstein adds. "It’s equivalent to when me and Jimmy and Todd first got this thing rolling back in 1989. I’m hungry again.”

Crowbar will release 'Symmetry in Black' on May 27. To pre-order the album, click here. Also, be sure to check out Crowbar's full list of upcoming tour dates.

Crowbar, 'Walk With Knowledge Wisely'