Every summer, thousands of Colorado natives cross the border into Wyoming to buy fireworks. A recent story from the Denver television station KDVR, suggests that the overwhelming majority of fireworks sold at Cheyenne area outlets are purchased by Colorado residents.

Meanwhile, thousands of Wyoming natives drive to Fort Collins to buy legal marijuana. Which begs the question, why not combine the two and open a fireworks and weed superstore that straddles the border? You could sell fireworks on the Wyoming side and pot on the other.

Of course, any store that sold legal marijuana and fireworks would need to have an awesome name. 'Potworks'? 'Pot 'N Pyro'? 'Black Cats and Green Buds'? Or maybe just call it 'The Borderline'.

For law enforcement agencies, it would sure make patrolling the borders a lot easier. And if, God forbid, the building were to ever catch fire, everyone within 10 miles would be in for an interesting day. Just imagine all the candy and snacks the Terry Bison Ranch could sell.

To the average person, it may sound shocking. But consider that Wyoming already has a retail outlet that sells both liquor and fireworks. There's a store in Michigan named Showtime Guns + Ammo + All Season Fireworks (they also sell tobacco). There's even a gun range in Oklahoma that recently applied for, and received, a liquor license. Now, that's a combustible combination.