Child molesters are some of the worst people in the world, so what happened here is great. Michael Cox (of course his last name is Cox) was charged with, and found guilty of, criminal sexual conduct after he fondled an underage girl. As if he wasn't in enough trouble already, he attempted to attack and punch the prosecutor, which was unsuccessful. And the whole thing was caught on tape.

Hopefully he'll now have an assault charge as well, and let's hope the repercussions are even worse since it was the prosecutor that he attacked. This man deserves to be put away for a long, long time, as any child molester should.

Did he think that if he attacked the prosecutor, they'd say "Oh, I guess since you're so mad, we'll change the verdict"?

Then again, people who aren't child molesters could never understand the thought process of these animals. While in prison, hopefully he gets American History X'd in the shower.