We get closer and closer to The Jetsons futuristic technology everyday. The latest of these is the Cicret Bracelet, an awesome-looking piece of technology that would project a fully functioning touch screen on your arm.

Now first and foremost, there has yet to be a prototype. It's still in the developmental phase. What does that mean? Well... one of two things really:

  1. It's a scam.
  2. Or it really is currently being developed.

The video above has obviously been modified with computer generation (CG). Now that doesn't automatically mean it's a scam, it just shows how the creators vision it might work. A lot of the IT skeptics have pointed out how you can't project black, the surface wouldn't be that smooth over skin, different lighting would change the initial projection and even hovering your finger over the screen would cover up that portion of the projected image. All true, but again, this could just be a hopeful "what we want our finished product to look like" video.

So far, I've personally done some extensive snooping on their website (www.cicret.com), checked out their Facebook page(www.facebook.com/CicretAppandBracelet), gone to their Twitter account (@cicretapp) and looked at their app on Google Play. If this is a hoax, it's the best one I've ever seen or heard of in my entire life!

The science behind it looks conceivable, although I would imagine this would be super expensive. Having paid almost $300 for my Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which runs via bluetooth off my Samsung S5, I would imagine the finished product could end up costing upwards of a thousand bucks. Also, seeing as this app is only available on Google Play (so far), this would be a major move to step ahead of Apple. I can already see a mass number of iPhone users jumping ship if this comes to fruition.

I do truly understand the skeptics and naysayers. With different hoaxes and scams (like the hoverboard hoax earlier this year), I do feel some of your pain. Regardless, until the Cicret Bracelet has been revealed to be anything other then what it is, an awesome idea currently in its infant stages, I'm going to keep hoping for the best. For safety reasons though, I won't be donating to the cause just yet. Let's see a  Kickstarter, Fundly or Crowdfunding page first.