Finnish metal heroes Children of Bodom have just unleashed the first full song from their upcoming 2013 full-length, 'Halo of Blood.' 'Transference' is a ripping new Bodom track and it's now available for download on iTunes.

'Halo of Blood' will be Children of Bodom's eighth disc, and having heard the full album already, we've got some good news to report -- it sounds like Bodom! Although Children of Bodom have taken a familiar path with 'Halo of Blood,' the individual songs are arguably the band's most impressive work since their 2003 album, 'Hate Crew Deathroll.'

in 'Transference,' Children of Bodom deliver some monster riffs while frontman Alexi Laiho's vocals performance sounds more gritty and pissed off than ever. "Transference has an evil vibe to it which I wish I knew how to explain because it still gives me chills," says Laiho. "This is one of our favorite tracks from the new album. Enjoy!"

Laiho also recently spoke about the full 'Halo of Blood' album. ‘Halo of Blood’ is the eighth studio album from Children of Bodom," the frontman begins. "Musically, we’ve kept it fresh and new while still maintaining the elements that make COB’s sound so recognizable. This new album has both the fastest and the slowest songs we’ve ever made and lyrically, there are themes we’ve never touched on before. Prepare yourselves for ten tracks of pure Nordic metal!"

Check out Children of Bodom's new track 'Transference' on iTunes. 'Halo of Blood' drops on June 11.

Children of Bodom, 'Halo of Blood' Album Trailer