A Cheyenne woman is facing up to 40 years in prison after police caught her trying to cash a fake check.

According to court documents, police were called to Thrifty Cash Services on February 9, after 30-year-old Kristie McCabe allegedly tried to pass a forged check.

When questioned, McCabe told police that the check was not fake and that Progressive had issued it to her because her vehicle had been totaled in an accident.

A Thrifty Cash employee told police that she had cashed a $2,367.89 check from Spradley Barr for McCabe on February 2. She said McCabe told her the check was from selling a 2002 Honda.

When McCabe unsuccessfully tried to cash a $1,543.23 check with the same number at Loan Stop less than an hour later, the bank notified Thrifty Cash that the check was fraudulent.

McCabe also tried to cash a $3,687.46 check with a different number at Advantage Check Cashing later that afternoon.

Spradley Barr's accountant told police they had no record of buying or writing any checks to McCabe.

McCabe has been charged with four counts of forgery. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for 3 p.m. this (Thursday) afternoon in Laramie County Circuit Court.

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