Mildred Harris was her name and the first wife of the infamous Charlie Chaplin. However, before she became the big shot she is known for in Hollywood. She was just a small town girl from Cheyenne Wyoming.

According to IMDB, her first film was in 1912 in a short film called The Post Telegrapher at the very young age of 11. Just 4 years after that she moved all the way to L.A. Which is where she met her first husband Mr. Charlie Chaplin himself.  Even though most people say that her career died off after her short marriage ended with Charlie (3 years). She still managed to end up being accredited to 137 films in her 31-year long career. She had one child with Charlie that had a very short lifespan due to complications at birth and with it being the early 1900's medical technology was not what it is today.

She then went on to marry a football player by the name of William P. Fleckenstein and lived until her death from pneumonia at the age of 42 years of age.

Although she never made it back to Wyoming, She still left behind one incredible legacy and a ton of films that can still be found the full list is on IMDB.

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