I'm not someone that usually gets rilled up. Okay, I guess I need to rephrase that.

I AM definitely a passionate person, but I usually don't get angry...and if I DO get angry it usually passes fairly quickly.

BUT there is something that I have been seeing for years now that I feel a need to discuss with you.

If you live locally in Casper or visit us often you're going to know exactly what I'm talking about.

The line at the Center Street Starbucks.

I'm not sure why they created it with such a terrible design, but it's not even worth discussing as it's already a done deed.

When there are more than a few cars in line this Starbucks begins to create a very dangerous traffic situation.

It's a fabulous location and that's why there are often as many as 10-17 cars in line.

The problem is, this line stretches out onto the always busy Center Street and at times has even caused issues with traffic trying to exit I-25.

But, I have a solution.

The orange line shows how people are currently entering the Starbucks, and the yellow line is my suggestion for how we SHOULD all enter.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Obviously, if there isn't a line out of the parking lot feel free to use the orange route, but if your car would be the one waiting in the street (West E Street) just follow the yellow lines.

It'll take a few seconds longer to go forward and make a u-turn in the parking lot, but think of how much safer everyone behind you will be.

They'll see how you're waiting in line and quickly deduce that they should do the same.

All it takes is a few leaders to start this "new" way of creating the line at the Center Street Starbucks to create change.

A change that will make our town safer for all the Starbucks coffee addicts, the people who love them...and those of us that often travel Center Street at peak coffee times.

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