It's not even Christmas time yet and I've almost been hit twice trying to get out of a couple of parking lots around town.  It made me think - these are possibly the worst parking lots in Casper!

Here are - in my opinion - the worst parking lots to get in and out of around the oil city.

#3 - Smith's Grocery on CY Ave.

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Getting into Smith's is not to bad.  If you can find a parking space there is some great deals inside, but once you try to leave.  Good Luck!  Especially if you have to cross CY, as traffic on CY can be extremely busy at any time of day.

#2 - Ridley's Grocery Store on SE Wyoming Blvd.

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This parking lot offers so much trouble, that I try to avoid it at all cost.  Again getting in is usually not to bad, but you have to avoid getting run over trying to get into the store.  Drivers quickly cut across this parking lot with disregard for any painted lines due to the lack of good traffic flow through this lot.  Lunchtime as well as in the afternoon after work are particularly bad times as you have to figure in a long line of cars waiting to get into the Wendy's Drive-Thru that usually blocks off even more traffic flow avenues.

But the worst parking lot in town in my opinion is:

#1 - Wal-Mart East on East 2nd Street

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Trying to park is a headache to say the least when traveling to Walmart on the east side of Casper.  Large crowds and poor directional traffic flow can cause drivers to get stressed or and push their way through and past pedestrians. Add in Sam's Club in the same parking lot and the crowds are usually quite large in this parking area.  This creates huge lines waiting to get out of the parking lot's only 2 access points.  For the latter part alone, I avoid shopping at these both of these stores at all cost.

Those are the lots that I hate the worst, now tell us, which parking lots in town do you hate most?  Which parking lot do you believe is the worst in Casper?