Dallas was the chosen city to drop the new Doritos Loaded on America. Seven-Eleven got the honor of carrying the new innovative snack food and most people seemed to enjoy the new product. What about Casper?

Well Casper didn't get the pleasure of trying  'em out and  is not so inclined to go head over heels for something that won't be released nationwide for a couple of more weeks. The majority voting in our poll say, "they will get around to trying Doritos Loaded in due time." Another 33% of pollesters say, " they can't wait to try 'em!" The remaining voters said the original Doritos are just fine with them.


At Some Point I'll Give Them A Shot 50% 50%
Yes, Can't Wait For Them 33.33% 33.33%
I'll Just Stick With The Original 16.67% 16.67%
No, I Won't Be Trying Them 0% 0%