There have been some really cool improvements recently added along the Casper hike and bike trail, also know as the Platte River Parkway, but there is some work that appears to have been neglected and needs to be done!

The parkway recently got some new bicycle repair stations to assist peddlers that might run into a little trouble and are possible in need of air or tools to make a quick fix (pictured above).  These stations are truly a great addition that encourages usage along the ten mile path that follows the river from Paradise Valley to the soccer complex at Bryan Stock Trail.

But there are other areas that are in serious need of some repairs!

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media
Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

While taking a morning walk along a section of central trail close to downtown recently, I tripped and almost fell.  I quickly turned and saw the culprit, the pavement was buckling upward and is in need of some serious repairs.  As I continued along the path through town I noticed several more areas that were in similar condition and could easily cause a bicyclist, jogger or walker problems and should I mention parents with kids. OK, admittedly kids fall down a lot regardless, but do we need to provide them with any help?

When was the Platte River Parkway hike and bike path last paved?  From the looks of it, it's been 10 years or more (at least through this section in this area) and it appears to be greatly over due. If we are going to brag about our recreational parkway, using it in our tourism and recruitment advertising, shouldn't we take care of it and keep it in good shape?  We tend to the landscape and cutting back trees, bushes and weeds, so why not take care of the surface itself?

With orange barrel season is upon us, I for one say we should tend to the rougher sections of the trail that are needing repairs - either and fix or replace them - but let's do it correctly. Not just smear a little sealant to cover some cracks. And would some fresh paint for the pathway's lane dividers be too much to ask?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy our hike and bike path and would like to see it continue to be improved upon.  Not just around parking lots and access points around town.

The Platte River Parkway is a gem with in our community and I for one would live to see it in the best condition possible.  Otherwise, why have it?

Tell us your thoughts - should Casper commit to redoing sections of the Platte River Parkway or repave it all together?


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