After asking this question yesterday, I was pretty sure I had tasted all of the best burgers in town. Apparently, I was wrong. Giving 5 options, I knew there would be a few additions to the poll, but I didn't realize how many I left off. Quite a few burger joints were added:

Wyoming Burger Company




Poor Boys


Each one of these places received multiple votes, and I concur that they serve some mighty tasty concoctions, but almost half of ALL the votes went to Peaches, a locally owned fast food restaurant that serves some of the best burgers anywhere. I personally am a huge fan of Peaches' Double Bacon Rancher. Sure, you'll gain ten pounds just looking at it, but damn it's good! Throw in some of their fries (arguably the best in town) and homemade ranch, and you'll be fat and happy. Thanks Casper, now I'm hungry...