Yesterday (February 22nd, 2022) was a special one because it was a "Twos Day" that actually fell on a Tuesday. 2-22-22 is a palindrome, but that wasn't the only reason it was special.

For a couple of different Wyoming cities, Tuesday broke records for coldest high temperatures (meaning the warmest temperature of the day was still super cold).

The official US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming Facebook page posted a graphic outlining the temperatures, along with a message that read:

Records were broken today and not the good kind. Here is a list of record low high temperatures for today February 22, 2022. Some areas didn't even crack 0°F! It's likely more records will be broken in the coming days, so check back! #wywx #cold #records

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That's bragging rights when the high temperature was still in the negative digits. Considering where the temps are supposed to be for the next few days, -2° is almost welcome at this point.

Stay warm, Casper.

Casper Folk Enjoying the Snow Days

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