The Casper Police Department is set to undergo an independent analysis and review, the department announced Tuesday night.

At the department's request, "a true, unbiased assessment of the department's past and present standing, particularly in the areas of workforce, enforcement and organizational practices" will play an important role in the development of a five-year strategic plan to guide the department.

"This comprehensive analysis is a critical component to correctly and accurately assess the department's needs and requirements in order to finalize the strategic plan that will chart the course for long-term, strategic success," reads a news release from Fred Catchpole, director of the department's Police Support Services Bureau.

The strategic plan was initiated late last year in an effort to prioritize resources, enable sound decision-making and keep the community informed of the department's actions, as well as the methods employed and the reasons behind those actions.

No timeline for the analysis and review has been announced, and no agencies or firms which might conduct such a review are mentioned. But the department emphasizes the need for such a review as part of its mission to protect and serve the people of Casper.

"As the Casper Police Department's service and dedication to our citizens remains resolute, we must plan and prioritize now to ensure the community receives the superior policing services it deserves and requires," the announcement reads.

The decision to pursue the assessment was made in consultation with city leadership, the department adds.

"We look forward to releasing the results of the review and Casper Police Department 2023 Strategic Plan once they are completed," the release concludes.

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