Everyone is not a hardcore movie buff, so seeing a film opening night doesn't have the same effect for all. Some would like to, but can't, because of extenuating circumstances, which include anything from lack of a babysitter, to being broke, to having an early morning work day.

With that in mind, the good people over at Marvel Entertainment have launched the "Thanos Demands Your Silence" campaign before the release of Avengers: Infinity War.

I am 100% on board with this campaign, which features all of your favorite stars from the MCU. Although very serious, the above video shows Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland with his mouth taped shut (you may remember he famously , yet accidentally, leaked some pertinent information about Captain America: Civil War).

Casperites, please stand with me and silence all social media attempts at keeping this movie under wraps, so we can all be surprised and enjoy this movie in our own timely fashion.

Thank you and remember... THANOS DEMANDS YOUR SILENCE!

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