Police say the Casper woman charged after crashing into two vehicles earlier this week admitted to huffing aerosol spray while driving with a three-year-old child inside the vehicle -- her second such crash in as many weeks.

Jamie Lou Strong, 24, is charged with driving while under the influence and child endangerment.

The crash occurred shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday in the area of CY Avenue and Fairgrounds Road.

Strong had been driving a red Chevrolet pickup eastbound on CY Avenue when, witnesses told police, she swerved to the left and hit a white Dodge pickup truck.

The Chevrolet continued across a grassy area into the Guadalajara parking lot, where it hit a tree and a parked Ford F-350. Witnesses said they saw nothing to indicate that Strong braked or tried to avoid the collisions.

Strong was apparently uninjured in the crash. The three-year-old boy in the back seat, however, suffered a small cut on his knee. An officer noted that the boy's child seat did not appear to have been properly secured.

One witness told police that he had seen Strong put her mouth on something several times as she drove down CY Avenue.

Police officers checked the interior of the Chevrolet and found a can of air duster beneath the driver's seat. A receipt indicated that strong had purchased the air duster at the west-side Walmart roughly 15 minutes before the crash.

According to the affidavit, Strong admitted to officers that she had been "huffing" the product after she bought it.

Strong told police that she is a drug court participant and had begun huffing air duster roughly two weeks prior. She said she used such products because they do not show up on urine samples which she is required to provide regularly.

Her two black eyes, Strong said, were from another crash about a week prior. She allegedly told police officers that she had been huffing air duster while driving before that crash as well.

Police noted that Strong performed field sobriety tests and showed no signs of impairment, "largely due to how quickly the effects of electronics duster are no longer apparent and the time that had passed prior to the [field sobriety tests]."

Strong was taken to jail. The boy was released to his father.

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