Using humor to educate the masses is not a new occurrence, but very few do it with as much candor and humor as the Casper Police Department Traffic Unit.

This week's tip focuses on the correct procedure for how to react when driving when sirens and lights appear behind you.

Sirens and Lights Pull to the Right!!

All too often when emergency vehicles responding to a scene encounter traffic the car in front of them fails to pull immediately over to the right side of the roadway. This results in a slowing of the emergency response and creates the potential for a crash. Sometimes people pull to the left and some even stop in traffic completely.

During my research into this topic I consulted with Shelly Rice, 1st Grade Teacher at Fort Caspar Academy. She assured me that, on reaching 1st grade, the kids do in fact know the difference between left and right. That being said, based on some drivers I’ve seen around Casper, it’s highly possible many of them did not in fact graduate first grade. Mrs. Rice provided several helpful suggestions on learning the difference between left and right. If you are among the many drivers who have trouble pulling to the right on approach of an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens activated, or are confused with the difference between left and right, Mrs. Rice and her fellow first grade teachers might be able to help.

Sgt. Scott Jones
Casper Police Department


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