UPDATE (5 p.m. Tuesday)

Police have announced the arrest of two suspects in their homicide investigation, and the Natrona County Coroner's Office has identified the victim. 


Original Story:

The Casper Police Department says potential suspects in a domestic homicide investigation are in custody, but otherwise has released few details regarding the case.

The crime scene -- a home in the 1200 Block of South Conwell -- remains active, and police would like the public to continue to avoid the area.

Department spokeswoman Rebekah Ladd told K2 Radio News near the scene Monday and explained that officers responded to the home for a welfare check shortly before 4 p.m. that afternoon. Upon entering the home, they found a deceased woman.

Officers, detectives and evidence technicians worked through the night to process and secure the scene, which will remain active until the on-site portion of the investigation is completed.

Police expect the investigation to continue for the next several days.

"Any loss of life in our community is tragic, but the crime of homicide is devastating to all involved and can shake a community's sense of safety," Chief Keith McPheeters said in a news release Tuesday.

He also appealed to the community to give the victim's family privacy as they mourn their loss.

Police will work with several local agencies, including the district attorney's office, to continue their investigation.

Further details have not been released.

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