Reports indicate there was what is being described as a minor incident at Dean Morgan Junior High School a little over a week ago.

Sgt. Scott Jones, the Casper Police Department’s School Resource Officer says it was to all appearances a very minor incident involving a teacher and a student.

“No one was injured, and there was no intent to injure, and there is no danger to anyone,” Jones told K2 Radio News.

Given the recent events at Kelly Walsh High School involving a water boarding incident with the wrestling team, the community is very sensitive to any violations involving teachers or students.

But Jones says, there is a simple, black and white interpretation of the law and the spirit of the law, or to put it simply, justice.

When asked, he said this was very minor, and the circumstances involved will all be taken into account.

“The public is understandably on edge right now,” Jones said, “but we all need to take a breath and I can assure everyone we will do our job, and any event will be fully investigated.”

Jones said the department devotes lots of resources to these investigations, and anything they find will be turned over to the DA and the decision on any further action is made there.

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