Two Casper Police officers have been cleared in the deadly exchange of gunfire in May that left one man dead, and an officer in grave condition.

That judgement was reported in a letter from Natrona County District Attorney Mike Blonigen to the Special Agent for the Wyoming Department of Investigation. Blonigen concluded that Officers Jacob Carlson and Randi Garrett acted properly and the resulting shootout was instigated without cause by David Wolosin, who died in the exchange.

The letter indicates that on May 5th at about 1:30pm, the police got a complaint that a 7-year-old child was driving a car on a vacant lot near the corner of Fairdale and Farnum.

Officer Garrett responded and found that to be the case, and David Wolosin in the front passenger seat with two children in the small, white sedan.

Her video shows Wolosin on a cell phone, and the interaction seems normal when Officer Carlson arrives.  In her report, Officer Garrett says she heard Wolosin saying something to the effect of “…they’re probably going to have to shoot me.”

Shortly after Carlson arrives, for no apparent reason, Wolosin is seen backing away from the car, and as Officer Carlson reaches for him, begins to pull a gun from his pocket. He shoots Carlson immediately, and the officer returns fire. Both officers ducked behind the car and the exchange continued.

It is reported that Wolosin fired about 15 rounds, hitting Carlson 4 times. Officer Carlson shot 8 times, hitting Wolosin in the leg. Officer Garrett fired only once, hitting Wolosin in the chest and killing him.

The DCI investigation could not find any concrete motive for Wolosin’s actions. He had no significant criminal record, no history of mental illness and no alcohol or drugs in his system.

Blonigen concluded from the report that the officer’s actions were fully justified.




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