Parents, if your kids ride bus # 77, here in Casper Natrona County, they are blessed.

I didn't see this first-hand, however I know someone that does a lot of driving around Casper-Natrona and they witnessed something awesome!!!!. This person is very observant and ran this play-by-play from a bus driver that should be praised for their actions. Really, it's a cool gesture that a bus driver can make the impact on kids as you will notice. This is what my friend saw yesterday:

To Natrona County bus # 77 driver...I seen you today, on Blackmore. I watched 2 children get off your bus, to turn around and make eye contact with you, before they crossed the road. You said no, to the one, and pointed for him, to look the other way ( a truck with a plow coming his way ) when that truck stopped, that kid made eye contact with you again, you both looked all around, and you gave him the ok nod.
You lady, are awesome! Way to communicate with your passengers! Was excellent to see this, and that small, but HUGE thing you did, made me so happy. THANK YOU! !

Totally agree Rave to Casper-Natrona County bus driver # 77. You touched some people in a very heartfelt way.

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