Yesterday, I asked the men of Casper what type of woman they prefer. The results weren't too surprising. While it's pretty obvious that most men are not interested in a lady that weighs more than them, it's also clear that most men don't want anything to do with a stick.

Overall, my take is most dude's prefer a woman with curves who takes care of herself...but not to the point where she looks like a body builder. Curves are nice, but random stretch marks and rolls are a no-no. Basically, you don't have to hit the gym 24/7, just make an effort a couple times a week, and all is good!

Skinny and lean 10.94% 10.94%
Nice bumps, but no fat 46.88% 46.88%
Pleasantly Plump 34.38% 34.38%
The more folds, the more fun! 3.13% 3.13%
Lather me up, I'm goin' in! 1.56% 1.56%
Other: 3.13% 3.13%

We had a couple of "other" responses, as well:

1. Not bone skinny with too much muscle and not too much fat in the wrong places

2. Don't care. It is all good. P***y is p***y.

Truer words have never been spoken...