It's not always the big things (like hitting the WyoLottery) that can make someone's day just a little bit more special. It can be something as small as buying coffee for the person in the drive-thru behind you at Starbucks, cutting your neighbor's lawn or even leaving a nice little note and a five dollar bill in a RedBox movie rental.

The latter is what happened to James Baker yesterday after he picked up a copy of 'The Hobbit'. James stated he didn't even realize it at first.

"I sat down and looked over and at first I thought I left 5 bucks on my table but then I realized it was in the case aaaand it took a few seconds to sink in lol."


James Baker via Facebook

The picture, which James initially posted on the Facebook group, Casper Man Cave, has already been liked over 350 times! Paying it forward and random acts of kindness like these prove that there is still great people in the world, and it always makes you feel good when it happens this close to home.