As you are well aware, I am a big fan of the Casper Man Cave on Facebook. Since I'm on Facebook for at least 8 hours a day, I tend to hit this page quite often looking for great deals, or trying to sell random items from around the house. One thing that really sticks out about the Man Cave is their willingness to take a local charity, and do what it takes to make it successful.

On March 16th, the Casper Man Cave is trying to put together a team for ST. Baldricks, an event that raises money for childhood cancer research. Whether you're looking to shave your head, donate/raise some money, or just volunteer your time, the St. Baldricks event at the Eastridge Mall needs your help:

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government.

Get involved and you'll be giving hope to infants, children, teens and young adults fighting childhood cancers.

While there are many fantastic people who have signed up and are raising money for this event, the guys over at the Man Cave have an anonymous donor who will match all of their donations - up to Ten Grand! With this opportunity to double your donation, and possibly make this generous man's pocketbook considerably lighter, I suggest you use the Casper Man Cave page to make your pledge. You can also click here to start your own team.

We'll post videos and photos from the actual event, scheduled for March 16th at 2pm at the Eastridge Mall.


Thanks in advance, and good luck, Casper Man Cave!