Casper police on Wednesday arrested a man who allegedly goaded another driver into racing 70 mph down East Yellowstone Highway before crashing and running from the scene.

Christipher Steven Bramlett, 23, turned himself in Wednesday and was booked into jail on recommended charges of property damage, leaving the scene of an accident, marijuana possession, reckless driving and interference.

At roughly 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, police officers and the Casper Fire-EMS Department responded to the 2400 Block of East Yellowstone Highway for a two-vehicle wreck. A blue Mini Cooper had crashed into a power pole on the north side of the street after it hit a white 2019 Jeep.

The driver of the Jeep was not injured and her vehicle did not appear to have been severely damaged.

Witnesses saw the driver of the Mini get out of the car and run off. They shouted that information at a responding officer who gave chase but lost sight of the driver in a nearby neighborhood.

However, the officer did find a wallet that the man had dropped. The wallet belonged to Christipher Bramlett.

A black car had stopped on the street next to the wrecked Mini. The driver of that car, Alyssa Frechea, was interviewed by a police officer.

Frechea, who has previously been arrested on multiple occasions, told the officer that she had been driving home from a doctor's appointment when she saw Bramlett near Butch's Bar. Bramlett turned onto East Yellowstone Highway and caught up to Frechea.

Bramlett then provoked Frechea into racing, she told police, by speeding up and slowing back down. They raced westbound, with Bramlett in the left lane and Frechea in the right lane, at 70 mph.

Near White's Mountain Motors, Bramlett dropped back and drove onto the sidewalk, then passed Frechea just before Bramlett hit a power pole. Frechea "freaked out" and slowed down as Bramlett drove off the curve and started to drift "violently" across both westbound lanes.

Bramlett turned back to the right and hit the Jeep in its right rear bumper. Bramlett's Mini left the highway to the right where it hit a fire hydrant and road sign before running into a power pole and coming to a stop.

Frechea said she pulled over beside Bramlett's vehicle. Bramlett jumped out and got into her car, yelling at her to drive away from the scene of the crash. Frantically, as Frechea described it to police, Bramlett shoved a clear plastic bag into the center console of her vehicle and again told her to drive away.

When Frechea said she wouldn't leave and that Bramlett should stick around, Bramlett saw emergency vehicles approaching and took off to the south.

With Frechea's consent, an officer searched her car and found marijuana in the center console.

About an hour later, Bramlett reached out to Frechea and told her he had gone to Natrona County High School, where a friend picked him up. He did not give her further details, police said.

Bramlett went to the police department and surrendered himself Wednesday. He allegedly admitted that he drove the Mini Cooper and raced Frechea, but he denied having been in possession of any drugs or alcohol before or after the crash.

Because Bramlett ran from police and has a history of warrants, Bramlett was arrested.

The general manager of White's Mountain Motors told police that Bramlett's driving flung debris toward one of his inventory vehicles, causing over $1,800 in damage.

Rocky Mountain Power reported that a power pole which Bramlett hit would need to be replaced, though the cost had not been determined as of Wednesday.

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