19-month-old Emzlee Gothard waits every morning for the mail man to arrive. It is her favorite part of the day and she always waves out the window to greet him. Yesterday the mail man, Tom, delivered an extra special package just for his biggest fan.

When it's nice out, Emzlee and her grandmother walk out to get the mail together. When it colder she smiles and waves from the window.

Yesterday, Emzlee received a special letter along with some coloring books and crayons from Tom the letter carrier. According to her mother, Ashley Gothard, Emzlee was so excited that she ran to the table and colored all morning.

Although she is only 19 months old and only says a few words, one of them is mailman.

Thank you Tom from the U.S. Postal Service for helping make Casper a wonderful place to live.