Wyoming is home to 99 municipalities consisting of towns and cities. Cheyenne is obviously the Capital and largest city by population and Casper is the second most populated and largest city by area.

HOMEiA is website that helps potential home buyers get more information about the places they're looking to move throughout the United States. One way they do that is by giving those looking, a Top 10 Best Places to live in the state they're considering.

The site takes into account some key features that are important when picking the cities where you are interested in living and gives the city a score out of 100. Zero of the Top 10 in Wyoming scored 100 out of 100, but all 10 scored in the 80's or low 90's. Which isn't too bad when you factor in figures from the features the city is graded on are:

  • Cost Of Living
  • History, Size and Population
  • Employment Prospects
  • Unique Attractions, Lifestyle and Attributes
  • Education
  • Heath Care & Safety

There are two common factors that each of the Top 10 Cities have in common and those are Low Taxes and Climate being cool and temperate (they must've missed the 100+ degree days we had this summer).

Whether you agree with all the information (which we assume is all from information they found online about each city) or if you think they are way off "information wise", how do you think they did in naming the Top 10 Best Places To Live In Wyoming? It seems pretty on par with the top 10 most populated places in Wyoming...

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