Normally it's Carbon County Search and Rescue who's calling Classic Air Medical for help, but when the helicopter based at the Rawlins airport had to land at a remote rest area last week, the roles were reversed.

On Wednesday, poor weather conditions forced pilots to land the helicopter at the Wagonhound Rest Area between Rawlins and Laramie. It sat there for two days.

The helicopter serves Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.

Friday, the pilots returned to a helicopter that had iced over.

That's where Carbon County Search and Rescue stepped in.

Search and rescue members turned out and helped scrape off the ice buildup. They brought propane heaters to help thaw the helicopter out, too. The helicopter's intakes also had snow in them that needed to be clear.

After an hour or so of teamwork, the helicopter was off to its warm hangar at the Rawlins airport, according to the Carbon County Search and Rescue Facebook page.

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