As the Total Solar Eclipse begins to cross the Wyoming sky, many folks will be reaching for solar glasses or lens filters to enjoy this once in a lifetime event.  But can you view the Total Solar Eclipse without a viewing device like glasses or filter lenses?  Yes, but only during the 'Totality'.

Once the solar event begins on Monday morning, viewing devices will be necessary to protect your eyes as well as cameras.  At 11:42 and :42 seconds the "Totality" begins.  At that time you CAN begin viewing the event without devices, lenses or filters.  But only during the 'Totality' part of the eclipse!  You might consider having binoculars or a telescope handy to get a better look.

10:22 AM - First Contact - This is the beginning of the Solar Eclipse.  As the Moon begins to cross in front of the Sun, you will need a viewing device, glasses or special lenses to view safely.

11:40 AM - Second Contact - This is when the Total Solar Eclipse Begins.  You will still need a viewing device, glasses or special lenses to view safely.

11:42:42 AM - Totality - This will be when the moon will completely cover the sun.  At this point you can view the Eclipse safely without a viewing device.  Binoculars, Cameras and Telescopes can be used without filters or lenses.

11:45:08 AM - Third Contact - This marks the ending of the Totality Phase of the Eclipse.  You must begin using viewing devices, glasses or lenses to view safely.

1:09 AM - Fourth Contact - This marks the end of the eclipse and the Moon will no longer be viewable across the surface of the Sun.

The Total Solar Eclipse event begins at 11:42:42 AM and lasts for just over 2 minutes.

Now let's keep our fingers crosses for good viewing weather! Be prepared and we hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime event!

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