Ok, we are going to be turning a noun into a verb, stick with me it is more fun than it sounds. A Reddit user posted a question that I can't stop thinking about. They asked what if Wyoming was a verb? I'm not sure what the phrase really means in this context. It may be inappropriate. It might be synonymous with crying. You kind of have to find your own meaning, and frankly, that is the fun part. They wrote:

We put on our linguistic thinking hat and derived how the verb "Wyoming" could be used. It's easy because you make it up as you go. The sentence determines the meaning of the word.

The singular present tense of the word is "wyomes." Example: She wyomes a lot when she is hungry.

The plural present tense of the word is "wyome." They know how to wyome better than anyone in Colorado.

The singular past tense of the word is "wyomed." She wyomed me from across the room, and I didn't even know her name.

The past participle (turning a verb into an adjective or adverb) of the word is "wyomen." The wyomen wind blew over the trash can.

Here are a few more examples, and please give us your best sentences on Facebook.

  • John wyomed his friend at Battleship last night.
  • The dog wyomed across the yard after getting into the trash last night.
  • She does wyome when she is hungry.
  • I almost landed the fish, but it wyomed on me.
  • They really wyomed me at the gas station.
  • In Wyoming, even women are wyomen strong.

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