The big debate every year around this time is whether to or not to shop on Black Friday, and in some cases, even Thanksgiving Day. Maybe that's why certain department and electronics stores have started dropping prices early.

Just by looking at the local sales flyers this week for places like Target, Wal-MartBest Buy and even Macy's, it's evident they're trying to get a cut of your hard earned money earlier than later.

Some pluses to hitting these deals now, vice waiting for Black Friday are:

  • your chances of getting items before they run out greatly improved
  • you don't have to get up super early or stay up super late
  • the stores (especially the mall) aren't as busy yet
  • getting good customer service help is better because there's less of a rush

Of course the downside would be if the early purchased items go on a higher percentage sale on Black Friday, but most places will match the price if you bought it from there within the last week (and if you still have your receipt).

I know Best Buy already got a 100 bucks from me on Sunday, that I wasn't planning on spending, but I couldn't pass those deals up. So word to the wise, check out some sales now! You might just get lucky.

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