A Casper women who admitted to taking money from a youth sports organization, is heading to prison after admitting she violated her probation

Caitlyn Tolliver has had her probation revoked and was sentenced to two-and-one-half to four years at the Wyoming Women's Center in Lusk, after she admitted to violating her probation.

In August 2015, she was given a three-to-five year suspended prison sentence with five years of probation, after she pleaded guilty to one count of grand larceny.

Agents with the Wyoming Department of Corrections say during the time Tolliver was on probation, she didn't begin a cognitive thinking class as instructed, she had made some restitution payments, but was behind schedule, and had only completed 60 of her 200 hours of community service, with none reported since the beginning of December.

An accusation that she had provided a breathalyzer test with a .051% reading was dropped.

Tolliver's defense attorney argued at the hearing that she had been having issues with her health and her husband's employment, but DOC agents say Tolliver has been difficult to work with.

The original case started in April 2014, when Casper Youth Baseball began receiving reports that utility companies were threatening to cut off service, if their bills were not immediately paid.

CYB board members reviewed their financial records, found money was missing, and notified police.

Police findings showed that CYB’s debit card was used and a majority of the signed receipts had Tolliver’s name on them.

Tolliver was working as a part-time bookkeeper and office manager with Casper youth Baseball from July 2013 through April 2014, and Police investigators say during that time, she converted more than $65,000 in funds for her own use.

When she was sentenced to probation, there was some debate as to what amount of restitution was actually owed, and it was set at $35,000.

At her probation revocation hearing, prosecutors recommended that she have her probation restarted, and she complete the felony program at the Casper Re-Entry Center, but Natrona County District Court Judge Catherine Wilking went against that recommendation, and one made by the defense and handed down the prison sentence.