Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron Thal told Radio Metal that he’s not at all annoyed by fans wanting to see a reunion of the “classic” GN’R lineup – with Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. His only request: he wants to be there.

“If a reunion ever happens, I would hope that they would give me some free passes so that me and my wife could go [laughs],” he said. “You know, that doesn’t bother me. I have no problems with anybody. I mean… I just did a signing last weekend with Duff!

“So does it bother me that people want a reunion? No! You know what? I love KISS, I love a whole [expletive] of bands and if there was a lineup that did an album that I totally loved, I would love to go see that lineup do those songs. It’s normal. And it doesn’t mean that I hate what’s going on now.”

Thal went on to praise Rose and talked about how much he likes being in Guns N’ Roses.

“There has been no other singer that I have ever worked with in my [expletive] life that cares as much and that gives as much and … works as hard as that guy,” he said. “I mean he started the band and he’s still there and he’s not going to end the band no matter who leaves until he decides that he wants to stop. You can do anything. I’ll wear whatever I want, I’ll play whatever I want and he’s got no problem with it. Because we don’t do a lot of press as a band, people don’t see that side of things. They don’t see us joking around or having fun.” (via