Here’s some breaking news -- a British man named Tim Blackburn who spent six years recovering from a broken arm – yes, SIX years -- had the unbelievably bad luck to break it again only one week after the arm finally healed.

It’ll be déjà vu all over again when he contacts his insurance company (assuming Britain’s insurance is as un-user friendly as it is here stateside).

Back in 2007, Blackburn fractured his arm when he fell off a ladder. He had complications getting his arm back to normal and it was only in April of this year that everything seemed in line and he could use his arm without feeling any pain.

In what turned out not to be a “humerus” development (sorry – had to do it), Blackburn broke his arm again just one week later when he tripped over his dog, proving the bones in his arm can snap as easily as Gordon Ramsay trying to get good service at Taco Bell at 3 a.m.

Despite the fact that Blackburn has racked up so many trips to physical therapy he should qualify for a dozen free sessions, he's hardly up in arms:

"I look at it as if I'm going up a mountain, I nearly got to the top, but I fell back a bit [so] I'm brushing myself down and I'm getting back up there.”

Blackburn will undergo surgery on the arm.

Smart money says he won’t be back up to speed until at least 2019.