Everyone meet my dog Brandy, awwww...

Today is bring your dog to work day! And we'd like to know if anyone is actually taking their pooch to the office today.

If your boss isn't down with mutts in the office, here's 10 amazing benefits from being around dogs according to Mental Floss. 

  1. You get sick less often
  2. Resistance to allergies (unless you're allergic to dogs of course)
  3. Overall they make you happier
  4. Good for your heart
  5. You get more exercise
  6. Helps improve your social life
  7. Some breeds of dogs have helped humans learn they have cancer and detected it early enough to save them.
  8. Dogs are a reflection of your personality. This may help you if you have areas to work on.
  9. Lower stress! Stressed out? Just pet a dog for a while.
  10. They're pretty cute too, so there's that.

If you do get to bring your dog to work today, we wanna see photos! Post them on Facebook or e-mail them to: jerrad.anderson@townsquaremedia.com.

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