This past weekend in Lexington, Ky., an on-duty police sergeant named Jason Rothermund delivered an impromptu cover of Poison’s famous power ballad “Every Rose Has Its Thorn." Rothermund said in a Facebook post that is was during an Independence Day festival at local area park, and that he was put on the spot to perform. He said, "When they call out ‘I need Sergeant Jason Rothermund up here’ over the mic in front of thousands of people, you kinda have to go!." He answered the call, headed to the mic and performed his version of the song in uniform.

Since then his performance has caught the attention of many, including Poison frontman Bret Michaels. Michaels took to his Twitter account and called the officer’s performance “truly awesome.” He also thanked Sergeant Rothermund for his service. To that, the Lexington Police replied with a photo of Rothermund giving a thumbs up, stating that he's seen Michaels in concert four times and is "in shock" that the singer replied. Check out Rothermund's performance above and their Twitter interaction below.

Michaels himself was also busy performing on Independence Day. He played a free show in Moapa, Nev., and is set to perform another free show tonight (7/7) in Massapequa, N.Y., as part of the Town of Oyster Bay Celebration.

Last month, Michaels released his new album True Grit. The singer’s latest disc has a country-music slant to it and features the twang-filled, summer song “Girls on Bars.” The singer recently released a music video for "Girls on Bars," which you can check out right here. His latest album is available on Amazon and iTunes and he'll continue his True Grit Tour in Prospect, Pa., tomorrow (7/8).

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