A video of a man trying to steal mail that was submitted to and posted by K2 Radio on Friday afternoon led to his quick identification and apprehension by police, Sgt. Mike Ogden said Saturday morning.

"It was amazing," Ogden said. "It didn't take long, I was getting phone calls and emails on who it was."

Police arrested the Casper man on warrants from Colorado, and he remains in custody at the Natrona County Detention Center, he said. Ogden declined to name the suspect. The investigation continues.

Police recently have received reports of some other mail thefts, but Ogden did not know if they were related to this case.

The Casper Police Department is in contact with the U.S. Postal Service because stealing mail is a federal crime, Ogden said. Prosecution of the attempted mail theft would be the responsibility of the U.S. Attorney, he added.

The case started 10:37 a.m. Friday when a security system at Jessica Steward's home near the Sunrise Shopping Center alerted her that someone rang her doorbell, which activated a live video feed.

The man appeared to wait for someone to answer the doorbell, looked around, and walked to the street and talked to someone in what appeared to be a gold or brown Chevy Blazer, Steward said.

The man then returned to the house, she said.

"He took a package out of the mailbox and stuffed it under his pants, Steward said. "And at that point I can press a button, and I can speak through my phone through my doorbell so they can hear. And I said, 'What are you doing? Put the package down.' And it freaked him out.... It looked like he peed in his pants."

He dropped the package and ran to the car, she said. "He must have been yelling down the street, because then another guy came running up the street like he was at a different house, and they both hopped in the car and sped away."

Both men were white and appeared middle-age, Steward said.

This wasn't someone who was trying to find a house and appeared confused, she said. "Normal people don't stick packages that don't belong to them under their shirts and pants."

Steward lives on a short street, neighbors know each other, and this has never happened before. "It's a pretty safe street, and we watch out for each other."

The video shown here was active for only a half minute after the man rang the doorbell, so it does not show what happened when he returned to Steward's house, she said. However, the security company does have the video of the entire incident, and she is trying to obtain it.

Ogden said there were two other people -- a man and woman -- who were involved in the incident, but he didn't know if they had been apprehended.