Wyoming is full of things the normal person wouldn't do, like trying to ride a bison, wrestling a bear or climbing a rock tower.

The desire to do something risky is always there for some folks and that opportunity for you is with Wyoming Mountain Guides in places like

The guides all have names that you would expect from thrill seekers... Garrett Genereux, Zayne Hebbler, Zach Lentsch and Dane Steadman. Are of the climbers are assistant guides and love to share the knowledge of their specialties.

The climbing guides are really hardcore pro's. Not only do they love to climb, but they're professional rescue climbers like Wilderness EMT's and Wilderness First Responders. They all love to climb and love to teach climbing, climbing ethics and give support to others.

The goal of Wyoming Mountain Guides is to ensure that those interested are safe, learn the proper way to make a climb and to be respectful of other climbers.

You may be surprised that rock climbing in Wyoming hasn't always been as popular as it is now. The surge of interest has even sparked more climbing clubs and opportunity for rock climbers of all skill levels.

I'm pretty certain I couldn't convince my brain that it's a good idea to try and scale up the side of a rock that goes straight up and down. Check out these videos that give a pretty good idea of what you're in for on your climb.

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